Major Achievements

Major Achievements



February 2002

After extensive public consultation it was agreed to set up “The Forum” as a non-political single-issue group

29th May 2002

Meeting at the community centre with Council members -Willie Wison, Alex Kirk, Helen Calvert. Willie Wilson suggested carrying out public perception surveys for Library and Community/Village Centre facilities

October 2002

Kilmacolm Library
perception study carried out


June 2003

The Forum formed KNCC, a Company Limited by Guarantee, to take forward the improvement of new community facilities. KNCC development business plan carried out.

November 2002

Public meeting in Kilmacolm Primary School hall. Council members present -Sandra McDougal, W.Wilson, Alex McGhee, Alan Blair

November 2003

Public meeting in Kilmacolm Primary School hall. Council members present -Alex Kirk, Willie Wilson, Dr Tom Fyffe


June 2004

Kilmacolm Village Centre Forum website launched with the name  –


August 2004

Neglect of gutter/downpipe maintenance caused major flood damage in Village Centre, during heavy rainfall. It has been reported to the Forum that some of the gutters have since been cleaned and “the tree” removed!


28th September 2004

Meeting – Clr. Alan Blair, Clr.Tom Fyffe, Robert Cleary, Neil Graham, Dennis Stoddart, Willie Wilson.- Agreement was reached to a 99 year lease of the Village Centre to KNCC, allowing private funding from other sources.


4th March 2005

Well attended Forum meeting at which  Clr. Tom Fyffe discussed the initial £600,000 funding to be made available by Inverclyde  District Council towards the project.


27th April 2005

“Architectural Design Competition” completed – Four different proposals from 3 different Architects are received for consideration


5th May 2005

Public Forum meeting to present and discuss a favoured
architectural solution for the future of the Village Centre.


The Holmes Partnership proposal was unanimously selected as the “preferred concept” to develop


12th January 2006

Funding approval by Inverclyde Council for appointment of Holmes Partnership to produce a detailed architectural design and submit a
planning application for the Village Centre “preferred concept”.


21st February 2006

2 Inverclyde Councillors appointed members of the K.N.C.C.board to comply with Audit Scotland


13th April 2006

Application for planning by KNCC for new Village Centre
building and substantial private funding awarded to project.


7th February 2007

Full planning consent was unanimously approved by Inverclyde
council for the new village centre building.