Village Centre - Photographic Survey of Loft

The timber structure of all four linked lofts was carefully inspected for approximately 1 hour. All rafters, joist ends (approx 100 off) and wall plates were looked at, together with ridge beams, timber touching stone (ie chimney heads), etc. Only one small area of rot was found on a front lower rafter, and half a dozen or so rafters and joists have had new bolt-ons during the 1980s refurb. Some of the lower sarking has also been replaced. Overall the loft timbers are remarkably solid and dry for a building of its age (130 years) and neglect, helped by the fact that the original design, materials used and construction of the roof structure was of a very high standard, and that the loft is uninsulated. Recent rumours of serious rot in the roof timbers appear to be wrong, and the actual condition is extremely encouraging.


New rafter bolt on
New sarking
Original wall plate, rafters and joists in good condition
3 new rafter bolt ons and some new sarking
New brickwork and wall plate above new lintel. Surrounding timbers are in perfect condition
3 new joist ends at front of building
Same new joists, showing bitumen treated ends in wall
Rafter end with 100mm of wet rot at front of building. This was the only example of rot in the loft that could be found!
2 new bolt ons at west side of roof, near front
2 new bolt ons at west side of roof, beside tanks. Debris is from old tanks.
Part of original, intact ventilation system for classrooms - essential when school was lit by gas.
Solid ridge timbers - Note the iron tie rods between ridge beam and joists.(original)
Bottom of tie rod. Note the bolted construction of the trusses