Village Centre - Photographic Survey of Roof

Flashings, gutters, slates, chimneys and glass lantern were observed from the roof valley. No serious faults were evident, but the entire building suffers due to neglect of the perimeter gutters and rones, which have had no maintenance for more that 10 years, going by the build up of sediment, grass and thriving trees in them. Similarly, the central valley gutter around the glass lantern has been allowed to overflow due to blockage of the 4 internal rones around its perimeter, causing some internal damage.

A comprehensive overhaul of the slates, flashings, lantern, gutters and all rainwater conductors is absolutely essential for the survival of the building fabric, together with annual planned maintenance of these aspects.

Rear flank of front roof showing full compliment of slates and flashings
Chimney heads in sound condition, complete with chimney pots and birds nests. Dislodged slates can be seen in the gutters

5 original ornate hexagonal ventilation cupolas have been removed and capped. The originals can be seen in old photographs, and resemble the one on the St Columba Church

Zero maintenance for 10 - 20 years?
Central glass lantern. Old wired glass has been patched up with flashband
inner flank of rear roof
Central glass lantern rooflight above atrium stairwell
Valley gutter and lantern upstand
Down pipe at corner of valley gutter. There are 4 of these, each approx 60mm in dia. No wire roses are fitted and they block easily
Chimney head flashing is in good condition
View in opposite direction